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Enter l to get a list of eht MO energies. Then make up your mind on what to do: closed shell, RHF open shell (not allowed for DFT) or UHF. Look at the examples below.

c 1-41,43,45 to define these levels to be doubly occupied.
a 1-5 alpha levels to be occupied, b 1-3,5 beta levels to be occupied. Or simply, s, t, or u 1 to get singlet, triplet or doublet occupation pattern.
c 1-41,43,45 levels to be doubly occupied; o 42 level 42 should be partially occupied. You will then be asked to specify the occupation. If there are more open shells you have to repeat, since only a single open shell can be specified at a time. Watch the headline of the menu, which tells you the number of electrons assigned to MOs.